Digital Video Forensics


When it comes to identifying Suspects from Video Image/s which are often in Low Resolution, Blurred, Noisy, and or Over / Under Exposed - then you will need our Video Investigation Forensic Services.   FOCUS operates one of the best DIGITAL VIDEO FORENSIC Labs in Malaysia.   We can be engaged to Enhance key Video Stream Images and or Verify the Authenticity of suspect Snapshots.

 Digital Video Forensics



Video Forensics Enhancement

Using advanced Forensic Software Tools we are able to digitally enhance, colorize, and sharpen any video image be it from CCTV / Body Cam / Smartphone Footage where a sample is enclosed in the opposite image of Before VS After.



Video Forensics License Plate Identification

The Enhancement of Vehicle License Plates is also another area of great importance when investigating crimes - Our Forensic Tools are capable of enhancing plates even from nearly total dark environments as in the opposite image.



Video Forensics Image Authentication

In situations when you have a video image that has SUSPECT CONTENT (Has been digitally manipulated) then you can send it to us for verification where we run our tools and generate an image like the opposite one.    Areas in each of the Monitors that have no "NOISE" have clearly been blacked out confirming that the original image was manipulated and is a FAKE.


 So when you have Video clips / Images that contain critical Evidence, then you should contact us for a quote, send in the Video Clip / Image File and we will Digitally Enhance to the best possible levels achievable.


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