Enterprise Network Systems




FOCUS can design and supply Leading Enterprise Network Systems that conform with international standards and can provide Internet Security Gateway's, Basic & Industrial Smart LCD Ethernet / PoE Switches, a License Free W.AP Controller, Indoor / Outdoor IEEE802.11ac Dual Band Wireless Access Points, and Single Band PtP Ethernet Bridges as follows:

Focus Smart Enterprise Network System Solutions


Our Enterprise Network solutions are modular and suitable for small to high-end Sites including OFFICES, SHOPPING Centers, HOTELS, HOSPITALS, UNIVERSITY Campuses, CORPORATE Buildings, GOVERNMENT Agencies, LAND, SEA & AIR Ports and TOWN / CITY Centers where Secure Wireless "INTERNET" Access for up to 4 SSID Groups can be provided from each Access Point HOT SPOT.

When you need to DESIGN WiFi AP Layouts or are experiencing POOR WiFi coverage it could be due to many factors and its best to engage FOCUS to conduct a On-Site WiFi Coverage SURVEY where we will identify the issues and recommend necessary changes to improve service levels.