LED Solar Street Lights




Our New Generation "ALL-IN-ONE" LED Solar Street Lights come with4 Programmable Operation Modes and a Microwave Sensor providing INTELLIGENT On / Off Motion Detect Lighting for Off-The-Grid Locations on street poles between 6 - 8 meters in height and 25m - 35m separation.

Focus Smart Intelligent LED Solar Street Light

To achieve these objectives,  FOCUS offers our LED Solar Street Light SERIES in five different Models 30W / 40W / 50W / 60W & 80W.   Each of these Models Feature IP66 IK09 Fittings with 160Lm/W Efficiency, Monocrystalline 18V Solar Panels, LiFePO4 12.8V Rechargeable Batteries, MPPT Controller, PHILIPS Lumileds with LM80 @ 50,000 Hours, 70x150 Deg Lens, optional Color Temps of 3000K / 4000K / 5000K / 5,700K and a 3 Year Product Defect Warranty.

Play the following Video for an Overview:

Select Your Color Temp from the following Chart:

Focus Smart LED Lighting Kelvin Temperature Chart

Apart from being Environmentally ECO Friendly, with the Intelligent Microwave Sensor fitted this LED Solar Street Light has a 6 Hour Recharge Time / Day and will provide up to 33 Hours of Intelligent Automatic Lighting for up to 3 Days without Sunshine.

Note also that our LED Solar Lights come with Intelligent Light Sensor which automatically powers ON / OFF when <10 / >10 Lux is available PLUS Four Programmable time periods where you can set the Ligh Levels in % for normal Operation (No Movement under light) and for Detection Operation (When movement has been detected under the light)

Focus Smart LED Light Distribution GraphAs per the opposite Diagram, when mounted on n 10m high Pole at ground level we achieve  14.5 Avg Lux across the lens projected area of 70 x 150 Degrees.      When our LED Solar Street Lights are mounted on a 5m high pole then you will achieve nearly 60 Abg Lux at street level.    At these heights in order to achieve a consistent light pathway, we recommend that the Light Poles have 25m - 35m separation distance.

As a comparison, our 80W Model will deliver the SAME Luminen Output equivalent as a 250W High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) or Metal Halide (MH) Light - By comparison, this conversion provides an n amazing 83% Saving in Energy Consumption and ECO-Friendly Footprint for the environment.

FOCUS has an inhouse qualified Lighting Design Engineer who can review your requirements and DESIGN the RIGHT solution (Lumenum (Lux), Power (Watts), Color Temperature (K) and issue a formal DIALUX Report and Quote.