LED UFO High Bay Lights


Our New Generation LED UFO High Bay Lights when fitted with a Microwave Sensor provides INTELLIGENT On / Off Motion Detect Lighting for modern Warehouses / Factory / Supermarket where a "Massive" REDUCTION in Operating Costs and  ECO-Friendly Footprint are required.

To achieve these objectives,  FOCUS offers our UFO High Bay Light SERIES in three different Models:  100W / 120W / 150W / 200W.   Each of these Models Feature 190Lm/W Fitting Efficiency, PF>0.95 SOSAN Power Driver, EPISTAR 2835 SMD LED's with LM80 @ 50,000 Hours, optional 60 / 90 / 120 Deg Tempered Glass Lens, optional Color Temps of 3000K / 4000K / 5000K / 5,700K / 6500K, optional Anti Glare Side Covers (Dark / Transparent), optional U Mount Bracket and a 5 Year Product Defect Warranty.

Watch the following video for a full overview:

Select Your Color Temp from the following Chart:

Apart from being Environmentally ECO Friendly, with the Intelligent Microwave Sensor fitted you will also achieve between 60% to 90% REDUCTION in Electricity Consumption where typically one of our LED UFO High Bay Lights can REPLACE any existing Metal Halide High Bay  Light of twice the Wattage.

Please note that the Microwave Sensor is an Optional Item recommended ONLY in Warehouse Isles where there is typically Low to Medium Traffic.     For Isles with High Traffic, we recommend the same fittings without the Microwave Sensor.   Of course, you can install a combination of both types in the SAME Warehouse / Factory.

Note also that FOCUS has an in-house qualified Lighting Design Engineer who can review your requirements and DESIGN the RIGHT solution (Lumenum (Lux), Power (Watts), Lens Angle), Color Temperature (K) and issue a formal DIALUX Report as requested. 


Lighting selection also needs to also take into account incoming Power Stability, Brand of Power Driver, need for Maintenance Tool Free Housings, and Mounting Bracket requirements.


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