Perimeter Intrusion Detection


Our Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS) are either Armor Core FIBER OPTIC based or MICROWAVE BEAM based where both solutions have pros and cons and of course different coverage ranges / Zone and Installation Costs.

Perimeter Intrusion Detection Fiber Optic Image Perimeter Intrusion Detection Microwave Radar Image


Generally, FIBER OPIC solutions (Figure on the Left) are more reliable (Less False Alarms) because they use specially designed  Alarm Data Filtering technologies in their ZONE-Based Controllers but due to additional Installation Costs are more expensive to install and maintain over time.    Fiber Optic solutions are also more NARROW in their Detection  ONLY issuing alarms when intruders have for example attempted to climb a perimeter Fence. 

In environments where causes of False Alarms are MINIMIZED (No Trees / Shrubs / Pets Etc) and where more Early Warning Notification of intruders up to 220m Zones are required then appropriate MICROWAVE RADAR systems (Figure on the right) are more applicable to be installed.

Note that BOTH solutions may be integrated to trigger SPEEDDOME CCTV Cameras to automatically ZOOM-IN on Triggered Zones making visualization of the Intrusion also available to the Command Center.      If the Intrusion is a genuine threat then additional ALARMS and PAGING MESSAGES may be issued from the Command Center.


When you need a PIDS solution its best to contact us, send us a to scale layout diagram of your perimeter with some photo's of the terrain and we will select the most appropriate solution for you.t.


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