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FOCUS offers the design and supply of a full range of Standard to Advanced Access Control System Solutions available in Asia.  Security Access Control Systems have been around for generations from the use of Reinforced Doors and Locks through to the use of Access Card Readers, then Fingerprint Readers, then Face Recognition Readers, and today with the Global COVID-19 Pandemic the integration of Temperature and Mask detection.

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Looking at the seven years (2017 - 2023) Growth TRENDS of leading Security Biometric Technologies in the opposite illustration - it's very clear that FACE RECOGNITION is the current and future technology to use.   The primary driver in the use of Face Recognition has been the increased ACCURACY (above 99% Recognition Rates), the ability to read at further and further distances (even in Sports Stadiums from an HD CCTV Camera Feed) and of course the decreasing costs of both Hardware and Software solutions being manufactured.

Today the industry is using four major Access Control Terminals which feature traditional CARD + FINGERPRINT and now FACE Recognition Biometrics.

As in the above illustration, the first one is for Employee Time & Attendance, secondly one for Door Access Control, thirdly for more Secure Door Access Control with Face Recognition & Time & Attendance, and lastly with the advent of the Global COVID-19 Pandemic the recent evolution of Face + Temperature + Mask + Access Control Terminals which are becoming increasingly sophisticated.


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