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Focus supplies some Best-In-Class Emergency / Information IP based Help Point INTERCOM and PAGING Systems available in the market today.    These solutions are ideal for High-Risk Communities, Corporate Buildings, Shopping Centers, Bank Branch ATM Centers, University Campuses, Hotels, Air Ports, Prisons, and Management of Remote Industrial Sites.

All our INTERCOM PAGING Solutions are IP Network-based providing scalability and secure Point to Point / Point to Group  Communications.     With Digital I/O ports available its possible to integrate the Intercoms to activate Sirens / Strobe Lights and IP Speeddome Cameras which will GO TO a PRESET position when an Emergency Call is placed.    Audio and Video POP-UP Alarms are also visible in the Security Command Center for actionable dispatch of relevant support.

Our solutions also enable the connection of PUBLIC ADDRESS and or PAGING Speakers at each Intercom Point providing the broadcast of Evacuation / Emergency / Information messages to a Single or Group of coverage Zones.

An example configuration diagram is as follows:

Focus Smart Intercom & Paging Systems Configuration

When you need a Professional INTERCOM & PAGING Solution call us, describe your requirements and we will Propose the most appropriate Cost-Effective Solution for you.


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