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Focus supplies some of the best Handheld and Walk-Through METAL DETECTORS for Security Personel manning Single File Security Checkpoints in High-Risk Buildings, Factories, Warehouses, Night Clubs, Embassies, Prisons, Air Ports, and Exhibition Centers.

FOCUS Metal Detector Hand Held Focus Smart Walk Through Metal Detector



Our Hand-Held Metal Detectors use advanced Micro Electronics with Variable Sensitivity Dials, Long Life Polymer Lithium USB Rechargeable Battery, Non-Slip Grip Handles, and two Alarm Modes either Vibration or Alarm & LED Light.   These are highly recommended for officers manning Security Checkpoints who are required to perform Primary or Secondary Scans of People and or Hand Carry Luggage for Metal objects from Pins to Knives and Weapons.



When it comes to primary Screening of people you cant beat our Walkthrough (Frame) Metal Detectors.   There are several different Models available catering for 6 to 32 Horozontall Detection Zones, an optional CCTV Camera (With / W/O Face Detection), and People Counters.


When you need a Professional Metal / Temperature Detector Solutions Contact Us, describe your situation and we will propose the most appropriate Cost-Effective Solution for you.


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