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With the 2019 outbreak of the COVID-19 Pandemic Outbreak across the globe the demand for non-contact human body Temperature Screening Solutions at the entrance of Building and Offices has grown significantly.

To support this demand as illustrated below, FOCUS offers two of the best Temperature Screening solutions - firstly a TERMINAL that supports Temp + Mask + Face + Access Control Functions, then secondly a THERMAL Camera for long-distance Multi-Person Temperature Screening.    both solutions are supported with an X64 VMS Platform for central Monitoring, Alarm management, and Post Event  Investigations.


Focus Temperature Screening Access Control Solutions
Access Control Thermal CMS GUI

The TERMINAL can be either Wall, Desktop Stand, Turnstile or Pole Mounted and comes as either a Wall Mount Kit or a Coloum Mount Kit.

The THERMAL CAMERA can be Wall or Tripod Mounted where each unit has 2 Cameras (Thermal and Normal 2MP IP), a Tripod, and Power Adapter where the system can stream Face & Temp images directly to a separate LED Monitor via an HDMI Port and or to a Network-Connected Windows PC VMS Software (FREE) for X64 Thermal Camera LIVE Preview, Alarm Notification, Recording of Faces, and Search & Playback. 


Call us, describe your specific requirement/s and we will recommend the best-fit solution.


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