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Our CRITICAL Alarm Monitoring System is designed to monitor up to 512 NO/NC Digital In / Analogue In Sensors such as Smoke Detectors, Water Detectors, Magnetic Contacts, PIR Motion Sensors, Temperature / Humidity sensors and when preset conditions are met to issue up to 50 simultaneous Online GSM / Web Browser / Email Notifications.    Once these notifications are received users may issue ACTION Commands back to the controller and have it TURN ON / Activate XX Number of Output Devices like a Siren, a Speeddome Camera to a Preset Position, Water Sprinkler Systems, Etc.

Critical Facility Alarm Messaging System

These Messaging Systems use the Secure 3G / 4G GSM Public Network to issue Alarm Event Notifications and return Action Events from Smartphones and when also connected to the Internet to issue Web Browser Alerts to a Security Command Center and or Email Messages for Management awareness.

Critical Facility Alarm Messaging FMGuard


This system is ideal as the Controller of BURGLAR Alarm Systems, IT Data Center Critical Alarms, and Real-Time Remote Site Equipment Management.


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