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FOCUS Principle Consultant Nassir Rogers provides comprehensive Consulting Services to Businesses / Resellers / Distributors that require Professional Security / Networking / LED Lighting / Road Safety Systems Audits, Education and Solution Design Services to be conducted.

Focus Smart Security Consulting Services


In order to fully understand existing Systems Environments, we can be engaged to conduct On-Site Security / Network / LED Lighting / Road Safet System AUDITS which involve Independently Documenting what's installed, what's working, and what's not working.   We also identify all existing Cross System Integration, and the generation of Technology Used.  When requested we may also conduct an Executive Management Presentation of our findings and recommendations.


Based on Systems Audit findings and recommendations we can be engaged to conduct Technology Update Overviews as well as specific Solution Education Presentations / Workshops for Customers / Resellers / Distributors on Security / Network / LED Lighting / Road Safety Systems.   These engagements may be from 2 Hours to 1 Day sessions in the form of Presentations and Interactive Workshops.


Based on the Scope Of Work agreed upon with our Client from the AUDIT and EDUCATION engagements, we will independently review all the latest Solutions and Suppliers of the required Solution and set about completing a DESIGN.    The output of this DESIGN normally includes a written Document / Presentation containing an overview of any Existing System/s, a summary of Shortcomings, an overview of current Solution Technologies and a detailed Specification of an ecommended Solution.   If the solution is to be also sourced from FOCUS will will also issue a full Quotation to Supply, Install and Maintain.


Our Professional Consulting Services are charged on a case-by-case basis based on the time and materials basis required to complete each assignment where the minimum charge is for one day's services.


In situations where Customers require FOCUS to Design and Supply one of our Solutions, we do not charge for our Professional Consulting Services in West Malaysia.


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